Dating from around the world, the Knights of Columbus has a long-standing program called Family of the Month. Its purpose is to recognize Parish Families whose daily lives exhibit the Spirit of Columbianism. Now that we are in our new church, our St. Faustina Council 14271 is bringing this program to our parish. Each month, the council Family of the Month committee selects one parish family that models Christian family values and visibly lives them every day. Once a year, the council also will select one of the previous twelve Family of the Month awardees to represent the council/parish as the potential international Family of the Year.

Fr. Ramon Bolatete and Fr. John McNalis, as worthy chaplain and member of the St. Faustina Council respectively, are members of the Family of the Month committee. The selected Family of the Month is drawn from the list of nominees and not chosen in a particular order.

Knights of Columbus St. Faustina Council Family of the Month Criteria:
  1. Registered St. Faustina Parishioner
  2. Active in parish life (ministries)
  3. Practicing Catholic
  4. Candidates are open to single, widowed and married couples

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A NOMINATION, please send an email to with any information you have on your nominee.

Lopez/Martinez Family are Named
November “Family of the Month”

The Lopez/Martinez family is our Knights of Columbus Family of the Month of November. They demonstrate one of the principals of our religion, teaching Catholic values to our children. They are proud parents of seven children. They participate in celebrating the Mass together as a family. Three of the children are altar servers and the other two are lecturers.

Murphys are Named
October “Family of the Month”

Loretta and Kathy Murphy, sisters-in law, and spouses to the late Jack and Bill Murphy, respectively, were presented the Family of the Month award by the Knights of Columbus at the 9:00 am Mass on Sunday, October 29.

Jack Murphy was a Knight for more than 50 years. He served in all capacities from Outside Guard to Grand Knight to Faithful Navigator to District Deputy in South Carolina.  Jack did them all well and Loretta was right there with him. He received many awards through the years. Some of the best times were in South Carolina where he was responsible for starting a new Council in Our Lady Star of the Sea along with forming the 4th Degree Assembly at OLSS in North Myrtle Beach. Jack was responsible for starting the tootsie roll drive and getting permission from Supreme to change the fund raiser to summer, which was the tourist time of the year. The best part was he enlisted their three granddaughters to hustle after the masses, which became a tradition for the girl; with lots of laughs for all. The first year the Council collected $150 and then could not find any schools that had programs for handicapped children. But someone told someone etc. and a special education teacher from NMB primary school got in touch with him and alas, the money was given to the teacher to use for the children and not given to the school to use as they pleased. This was the start of Council 7122 getting involved with the handicapped.

                                                                                                                          *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Bill Murphy did not join the Knights of Columbus until 2006. Bill and Kathy were at Corpus Christi Parish and they were asking for one more man to sign up in order to start their own Council. Bill spoke with Fr. Gregory Parks wanting to know if at the age of 69 was he too old to become a Knight. Fr. Parks answered Bill telling him, “you are never too old to be a Knight! Sign up Bill”, thus the Corpus Christy Council started. Bill and Kathy became parishioners of St. Faustina parish in September of 2006. Fr. Stephen Phillips told Bill he wanted to have a Knights of Columbus Council installed. Bill was named the First Grand Knight of St. Faustina Council 14217. Bill’s older brother, Jack, having been in the Knights for many years and having served in most positions, offered to help Bill acclimate himself to the duties and responsibilities that awaited him. Bill was grateful for his brother’s help. While Bill was the Grand Knight, the council received the Star Council Award in 2007-2008 Fraternal year for Membership Growth. Under his leadership, the Knights hosted The First Holy Communion Breakfasts for the Communicants and their immediate families. They also started the Tootsie Roll drive, giving money to various organizations to help handicapped young people. St. Faustina’s council has donated $1,000 to Bishop Grady Villas each of the last two years. Bill also became a Fourth Degree Knight and belonged to this Council in Corpus Christi.

Kathy watched her husband Bill immerse himself in this new phase of life. She observed Bill as his faith deepened. Normally quiet and even shy, she would see him engage in a private conversation with a fellow Knight. She believed this transformation in him took place because at 69 years old, he had the courage to ask, “Am I too old to become a Knight?” The remainder of his 11 years in the Knights became his legacy.

Loretta and Kathy worked together on the archives of our church. They are working behind the scenes.

Cordeiro Family
Named June
 “Family of the Month”

Odila and Jose Cordeiro were recognized as the Knights of Columbus June Family of the Month prior to the 5 pm Mass on July 30.

The couple has been at St. Faustina since 2006 and attended the parish’s first Mass with Father Steve at Westgate. They helped with the first Mass in Spanish, which was celebrated by Father. Fernando Gil.

The Cordeiros were involved in several talent shows as well as the Walkathon with Fr. Jean. Every Sunday, for 13 years they had sales of empanadas, Rosarios and many raffles.

Jose and Odila helped with our four moves, in 2006, 2010, 2015 as well as the one this year.  Odila coordinated the 2015 Christmas Party with Fr. Dave, and in February 2023, she coordinated the Valentine’s Day dance. She is a member of the Legion of Mary and is a Eucharistic Minister of the sick.

Odila spent eight years on the parish council with Fr. Jean, Fr. Dave, and with Fr. Ramon. She is a  Catechism teacher of Confirmation for adults and youth.  Founder of the youth group and of Friday’s Adoration and praise.

Jose has been the coordinator of the Mass in Spanish for 11 years and is also a Eucharistic Minister, an usher,  a Sacristan, a reader, and a Mass Captain.  He has been in charge of the  50/50 Raffle and is a member of the St. Faustina Knights of Columbus, Council 14217.  (photo — left to right —  Jose, Odila, Father David, Ed Rabelas, Grand Knight)

San Filippo Family
Named May
 “Family of the Month”

The San Filippo Family was recently named our Knights of Columbus, “Family of the Month” for May. Maggie is on the Pastoral Council and teaches Religious Education for the eighth graders. David does so much for the family and travels for work. Robert, William and Thomas are Altar Servers at the 4 pm Saturday Mass. They are one of the families who are instrumental in starting the Youth Group in our parish. (submitted by Ed Rabelas, Grand Knight)

{Left to Right) Thomas, Robert, William, Anthony, Samuel,  Matthew and Philomena, David and Maggie San Filippo, Bishop Noonan, and Father Ramon)

Tom and Nancy Madden
Named April
 “Family of the Month”

Tom and Nancy Madden Residents of Clermont for 30 years, Tom and Nancy Madden joined St. Faustina Parish in October 2012, having previously been members of Blessed Sacrament Parish.

Tom volunteered as a Lector for Sunday Mass and Nancy became active in Respect for Life. In 2013 Father Dave Gillis asked Nancy to join the Parish Council; she served for seven years. Tom became part of the Finance Council and in January 2015 Father Dave appointed Tom as Finance Council Chairman, a position which he held until this spring. Both Tom and Nancy have served as Mass Captains and ushers. Tom also worked with the architects and contractors on the St. Faustina Building Committee and worked to coordinate the moves of our Parish into the Glenwood Commons building in 2015 and then into our new Church building in February.

Until recently Nancy has led the Respect Life Ministry, providing educational materials, and serving as liaison with the South Lake Pregnancy and Family Care Center. They continue to work on Pro-Life projects in the community. Nancy has assisted with Parish Bake Sales as well as Raffles and other parish events. Also, of note, Tom and Nancy helped to organize and host the annual St. Faustina Christmas Party for several years.

They have six children and 14 grandchildren scattered across the country.

Dave and Judy Gutowski
Named March “Family of the Month”

Dave and Judy Gutowski were named the Knights of Columbus March “Family of the Month” prior to the 4 pm Mass on April 30.

Both long-time parishioners, Dave was a member of the Fund-Raising Committee back when the parish was in the plaza on Route 192 and served two terms on the Parish Council while we were in Glenbrook Plaza.  He has also participated in Father Dave Gillis’ 50/50 raffle, the parish picnic basket raffle, the Friday Lenten Soup Supper, the bake sale, and the clean-up crew when we moved from the plaza on 192 to the plaza on Route 27.  Dave is also responsible for the daily spiritual postings on our parish Facebook page.

Judy started and ran the Welcoming Committee when the parish was in 192 plaza and served on the parish’s first Building Committee with Father Steve.  She has been a Eucharistic Minister and has worked in the gift shop.  Judy helped get the Marian Fathers to our 192 location for a Parish Mission on St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy.

Pingalore Family
Named February
 “Family of the Month”

In first row are Mike, Tina, daughters Ella & Grace, and Fr. Ramon. The back row consists of Knights, Bob, Ed, John & Michael

Mike, Tina, Ella and Grace Pingalore are the February Family of the Month.

Mike is co-chairman of the Fundraising Committee  and was the emcee at our parish Christmas party the last two years. He is also an usher at the 11:30 Mass. Tina is the head sacristan, an usher at the 11:30 Mass and is also a  Religious Education teacher.  She has been teaching for three years and this year has the seventh-graders.

Frank and Diane Maglione
Named January
 “Family of the Month”

Parishioners Frank and Diane Maglione earned the St. Faustina Knights of Columbus first “Family of the Month” award and were recognized prior to the February 25, 2023 4 pm Mass.  The award recognizes parish families whose daily lives exhibit the Spirit of Columbianism.

Frank and Diane attended St. Faustina’s first Christmas mass in the Glenbrook property back in 2015. They registered and became permanent parishioners in July 2017.

Frank served on the following committees: Hospitality Sunday, Frank and Diane coordinated the wrap and pack team during the move here at our new church. Frank currently serves as the Chairman of the Parish Council. He is an altar server, reader, usher and continues to serve wherever he is needed.

Diane served on the following committees: Hospitality Sunday, money counter, sat on the liturgy committee. She currently serves as a reader, EMHC (Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion), sits on the finance committee and started the Bereavement/Consolation ministry here at St. Faustina, where she served as the coordinator up until this year, but still remains as part of team.  She continues to serve wherever she is needed.