• Welcome 

    St Faustina will continue our
    cautious re-opening of the parish in the coming weeks by opening to ministry and group activities on July 15th.
    • All meetings must be scheduled in advance.
    • COVID 19 screening questionnaires must be completed and provided to the meeting leaders prior to the scheduled meeting time.
    • Meeting leaders will maintain attendance sheets recording names and contact phone numbers must enforce Social Distancing. No physical contact between meeting participants.
    • Refreshments will not be provided.
  • Mass Times

    Saturday Mass: 4:00 PM
    Sunday Masses:
    8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 AM

    7:00 PM (Spanish)

    From Bishop Noonan:
    "Masks should be mandated for the assembly regardless of local ordinances. Social distancing continues to be required.
    Full or reduced choirs may resume their ministry on
    September 13...socially distant with optimum 6 feet apart.   
    All choir members ...must wear masks.
    No children are allowed to participate in the ministry, including altar servers."


  • Faith Formation

    Registration will continue.

    Please call Marylu at 352.702.4735 for more information.

    Classes begin on Wednesday, 
    9/16, Saturday, 9/19 & Sunday, 9/20.

    We will have classes twice a month, so check the class schedules for each school day.

    You will find the schedules on the Ministry/Faith Formation page.