Altar Server’s role in the Church.

Please use the links in the menu to explore the various worship and liturgy areas, and prayerfully consider donating your time and talent to serve our Lord in one of these ministries.Altar Servers offer service to God and the community by assisting the priest during mass.

Responsibilities of Altar Servers include:

  • Lighting and extinguishing the altar candles
  • Bearing the cross and candles during the entrance procession
  • Assisting the priest during the Liturgy of Eucharist, as instructed.

In addition to liturgical service, altar serving is also an excellent way for our children to advance in spiritual life centered on the Eucharist and grow in vocational awareness. Servers participate in the Sacred Liturgy with their work, contributing to the Work of the Faithful and the prayer of the Church, and thus, their service helps build up the Body of Christ. In this way, altar serving is a serious ministry that requires commitment, reliability, and a certain amount of dedicated time so it is carried out worthily.

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