What are our Ministries?

All liturgical ministers exist for the service of the Body of Christ, the People of God, the assembly gathered in God’s name. Although serving in any of these ministries should be a source of joy and satisfaction for individual people, these ministries exist for the benefit and service of the Church and not for individual or personal piety, spiritual growth, or status. As such, these ministries are regulated by Church and Liturgical law and are submitted to the authority of the Bishop and the local Pastor (USCCB).

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“And he gave some as apostles, others as prophets, others as evangelists,
others as pastors and teachers, to equip the holy ones for the work of ministry,
for building up the body of Christ” – Ephesians 4:11-12

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Note: All volunteers are subject to mandatory fingerprint requirements and will be expected to follow the volunteer guidelines as set forth by the liturgy committee.   CLICK HERE for more information on the guidelines.

Thank you so much for sharing your time, talent and treasure with the St. Faustina Catholic Community!