Your blood donation saves lives.

Our May 26 Fifth Anniversary Drive was an outstanding success as 27 donors entered the Big Red Bus, and we once again met our OneBlood-assigned goal..

Each donation takes roughly one-half hour of your time. In addition to helping those with medical needs, you will receive a wellness check-up, including a COVID-19 antibody test, blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse, and cholesterol screening. OneBlood also offers a special gift or gifts for each drive.

St. Faustina Catholic Church Clermont began bi-monthly blood drives on June 19, 2019, and sponsors this life-giving ministry on the last Sunday of the month in 2024 in July, September, and November from 7:30 am until 1:30 pm.

Our parish’s drive has met its OneBlood-assigned goal in all but once and has surpassed 25 donors five times with our record being 33 pints contributed.

Who can donate blood?

If you are on medication(s), don’t worry as the trained professionals on the bus will let you know if it is safe to donate.

Students have the power to save lives as well as their 16th birthday allows them to donate with the permission of a parent or guardian.

How do I donate blood?

You will have opportunity to make an appointment on the Big Red Bus through a reservation link that is posted on the parish home page, on our Facebook page, and in our bulletin, two weeks prior to every drive. However, you can also wait till the last-minute to donate as walk-ups are more than welcome and appreciated. In fact, more donors decide to “walk-up” the day of the drive as opposed to making an appointment.

Thank you for donating blood.

To those who have supported this important outreach ministry, we say, “thank you” and invite you to keep giving. For those who would like the opportunity to save up to three lives, just step aboard the Big Red Bus the next time it is in our parking lot.

As we start 2024, it is exciting to look back to see what you have accomplished through this ministry.

Donations by Year

2019 –74 pints donated = up to 222 lives saved, 2020 — 84 pints donated = up to 252 lives saved, 2021 — 118 pints donated = up to 354 lives saved, 2022 — 101 pints donated = up to 303 lives saved (one drive was cancelled due to covid), 2023 –136 pints donated = up to 408 lives saved, 2024–70 pints donated (three drives), = up to 210 lives saved — Total: 583 pints donated and up to 1,749 lives saved