We would like to honor our St. Faustina Heroes, those individuals who serve…or served…in the military and/or those who are…or were…First Responders.  If you, or a family member, would like to be recognized in our bulletin and on our parish web site, please email names to:  office@stfaustina.org  in the following format:

  • Name, rank, branch of service
  • If the individual was killed in action or died as a result of combat, please indicated with a *.
  • If the individual is deceased, please indicate with a +.

Unfortunately, in order to make sure that the information printed / posted is 100% correct, we are unable to accept any phone calls.

The information contained in your email will be copied and pasted in both our bulletin and our website.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and cooperation.

St. Faustina Catholic Parish
would like to recognize and “thank”
the men and women for their service:

Updated August 9, 2023

Kevin Adams, Firefighter New York and National Guardsmen,
Rebecca Adams, Paramedic, NY,
Brandon Allen, Lt. Firefighter, Jordan Allen, Firefighter/Paramedic,
Ryan Allen, Firefighter,
Angela M. Cadwell, Major General, US Air Force,
Dr. Edmund G. Clayton, Lt. Col., Marines,
Frederick E. Clayton +, PFC Army,
Dr. George A. Cuttita, Jr.+, 1st Lt., Marines,
Donald Doncaster, Cpl, US Army,
Hilary Doncaster, Captain, US Air Force Nurse Corp,
John Friedrich+, Machinist Mate MMFN, Navy,
Melvin G. Gomez, Master Sergeant, Air Force,
Samuel H. Jones Jr.+, Col., USAF,
Samuel H. Jones, III, Col., US Army,
Dougal L. Kear, Sr.+, E-3 Seaman (US Navy) & NYS Trooper,
John R. Lord, Capt., Army Air Corps,
Frank Maglione, Capt., Bloomfield, NJ, Fire Dept.,
Frank Montagnino, Spec 4, Army, Vietnam 1969,
Patrick Moran, Firefighter/Paramedic,
Douglas J. Mato, Staff Sargent,  USAF,
Gerard Murphy, Chief,  South River, N.J. Fire Department, 2021,
Michael J. Murphy, Petty Officer 2nd Class, Navy, 2 Tours Persian Gulf War, ’86-87,
Tyler Murphy, Firefighter, Independent Fire Company, East Brunswick, N.J.,
Kristey Nelson, SP4, Women’s Army Corps,
John Ryan+, Police Officer, Mass.,
Matthew J. Serignese, Petty Officer 2nd Class, Navy,
Daniel Tomberg, 2nd Lieutenant, US Army,
John H Tyree, Jr.+, PFC Marine Corp, Vietnam, 61-66,
Michael A. Venditti + EM2 US Navy, Korean War, 1948-1952,
Donald Villeneuve, Spec 5, Army Corp of Engineers