Following in the steps of St. Faustina

St. Faustina Catholic Church Clermont - Bishop NoonanJust as it took St. Faustina many years to convince the Catholic Church hierarchy that Jesus was actually appearing to her, commanding her to have His Divine Mercy image put on canvas, it took our parish, which honors her name, life and legacy, more than 16 years to have our own place of worship.

Click to see the pictorial essay, which shows our new church construction as it currently stands, but if you scroll down, you will see the photos from early January, 2022, when our property at 15551 N Boggy Marsh Road, which was originally an orange tree grove, first met the landscaping machinery that began the task of clearing the land.

On January 9, 2022, Bishop Noonan came to bless the property and to participate in the turning over the first shovel of dirt. On February 12, a parish-wide celebration was held in our current location.

St. Faustina Catholic Church Clermont - Building Update

The journey of our parish began on September 30, 2006, with our first Mass in a hotel conference room at the no-longer existing Westgate Hotel. Shortly after that we moved to a rundown former BBQ restaurant named Homers, and then to a strip mall, called Zaks, where we were situated between a Tattoo Parlor and a Message Parlor (for more on our history, please click here).

While our current location at the Glenbrook Commons strip mall is a comparative blessing, there really is, “no place like home.”

The hand-made sign that proclaims, “Future Home of St. Faustina Roman Catholic Church” has been replaced several times over the years. That old, tattered and torn sign, was FINALLY replaced by the professional sign that told all who passed by the construction site that our dreams and prayers were going to become reality.

As was the case back in the Book of Exodus, not all the Jews that left Egypt made it to the Promised Land, such is the story of our journey to our new home.

These photographs are dedicated to all of our St. Faustina Parish Family who are watching from their current home in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.


New Church Groundbreaking